Government & Regulatory

Federal, State, County, and Municipal

Judge Whiting's knowledge of the complexities of the legislative and regulatory process is buttressed by his service as counsel to the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. He leverages the knowledge gained and contacts made during his government service to effectively advocate for international and domestic clients on a variety of issues in federal departments and agencies; state legislatures, executive branches and their agencies; county governments; and municipalities. His extensive experience includes general consultation, litigation, regulatory dispute resolution at public hearings, and defense of administrative and/or enforcement actions.

Regulatory / Compliance

Regulatory filings and applications are often complex, and proper preparation and filing are critical to the timely realization of client goals, whether regulatory approvals, license or permit issuance, or penalty avoidance. Judge Whiting prepares applications for licenses, permits, regulatory authorizations, and exemptions, and represents entities and professionals before professional licensing boards and regulatory agencies.

  • Successfully defending Live Nation, owner and operator of House of Blues Chicago, in several administrative actions brought by and before the City of Chicago's Department of Business Regulation and Licensing, preventing the temporary closure of the venue and the corresponding loss of several million dollars in revenue, and saving tens of thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Successfully defending a Houston based, national temporary employment company in a series of licensure, tax, and employment claims before the Illinois Department of Employment Security.
  • Successfully representing an Atlanta based corporate landlord in a building code violation claim brought by the City of Chicago‚Äôs Department of Buildings, helping the client avoid a several hundred thousand dollar fine.
  • Successfully representing an insurance agent and his agency in a fraud claim brought by and before the Illinois Department of Insurance by enabling the agent to avoid a suspension and retain his license.
  • Successfully defending a general practice physician in an administrative law/regulatory licensing matter brought by a patient before the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.
  • Successfully appealing the dismissal of a client's claim against the City of Chicago challenging the validity of an amendment to a zoning ordinance.
  • Defending a female owned concrete and rebar company in a federal fraud claim alleging a general contractor and its subcontractors failed to meet minority certification requirements.
  • Successfully renewing a previously revoked City of Chicago Liquor License for a nightclub accused of conducting illicit activity on its premises.

Procurement / Contracts

Judge Whiting assists clients with responses to requests for proposals, bids, and contract procurement from federal, state, county, and municipal government agencies. He has extensive knowledge of the various laws governing these contracts and experience with dispute resolution and bid protests.

  • Successfully challenged the award of a multi-million dollar construction contract by the United States Department of Defense to a Middle Eastern company on behalf of the lowest bidder, securing the contract for his client.
  • Counseled a Virginia based client in the development, preparation, and submission of a response to a Chicago Housing Authority request for proposal; introduced the client's executives to key decision makers; advocated on the client's behalf; and provided updates on the agency's decision process.


Judge Whiting adeptly uses government body rules and procedures to develop and implement practical solutions for his clients. He supports clients by:

  • Shaping legislation, regulations, and government policy through direct lobbying of and coordination with legislative members, administration officials, and key staff members.
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on proposed legislation and legislative and regulatory developments.
  • Drafting legislation, position papers, and agency comments and testimony.
  • Preparing witnesses for hearings, testifying on behalf of clients before state legislatures, and representing clients in regulatory investigations.
  • Successfully lobbying the Illinois General Assembly to pass a health food industry sponsored bill lifting a ban on a specific additive to sports and health food drinks.
  • Lobbying the Illinois General Assembly to pass legislation awarding tax exempt status to a Chicago based culinary institution.

Government Body Representation

Government entities utilize Judge Whiting's capabilities in a variety of cases. His work includes:

  • Serving as an Major Court of First Instance Judge, judicial consultant, and law professor, training judges for the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Successfully representing the Illinois Department of Human Services in a multi-million dollar environmental pollution claim brought by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Negotiating a favorable settlement on behalf of the Forest Preserve of Cook County in a multi-million dollar environmental pollution action brought by the Friends of the Forest Preserve regarding the cleanup of the Mig Dewane site used in the construction of Chicago's Deep Tunnel Project.


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