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Athletes, actors, entertainers, and sports/entertainment organizations have sought Judge Whiting's perspective, knowledge, and understanding of the sports and entertainment industries for representation and counsel in: contract negotiation, including: employment, licensing, media, and sponsorship agreements; business consulting; dispute resolution; commercial real estate transactions; and finance matters.

  • Sister Sledge: Musical Vocal Group
    Judge Whiting represented the group in a contract dispute with its record company regarding royalties.
  • Keith Jones: Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations/Head Athletic Trainer, Houston Rockets
    Recognizing Mr. Jones' congenial interpersonal skills with players, and his unique ability to serve as a conduit between players and management, Judge Whiting creatively secured a promotion and negotiated a record breaking contract for Mr. Jones, the youngest (at age 28), and first African American NBA trainer, making him the highest paid athletic trainer in the NBA, and setting a precedent for the league. Judge Whiting also successfully defended Mr. Jones in a tampering and breach of contract lawsuit brought against the Houston Rockets and Mr. Jones, individually, by the Los Angeles Clippers in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Judge Whiting secured Mr. Jones' release from his newly executed, long term Los Angeles Clippers contract allowing Mr. Jones to execute a more lucrative contract with the Houston Rockets.
  • William (Billy) M. McKinney, III: Current Mayor of Zion, Illinois; Former NBA Player, General Manager, Director of Scouting, On-Air Television and Radio Analyst
    Judge Whiting negotiated Mr. McKinney's Detroit Pistons general manager employment contract and several of Mr. McKinney's sponsorship, marketing, appearance, and endorsement contracts.
  • David R. Duerson: Former NFL Player and CEO, Duerson Foods
    Judge Whiting assisted with the restructuring of Duerson Foods, guided the search for and procurement of investor financing, and counseled Mr. Duerson on business strategy.
  • Neil Giuntoli: Writer and Actor
    The veteran of Child's Play, Waterworld, and The Shawshank Redemption, among other movies, television shows, and plays, retained Judge Whiting to draft and negotiate theater, employment, marketing, sponsorship, and advertising agreements for his original bio-play, Hizzoner, which chronicles the reign of Mayor Richard J. Daley.
  • Craig A. Hodges: Former NBA Player and Coach
    When Mr. Hodges was effectively banished from the National Basketball Association for criticizing the league's star player, Judge Whiting represented the former Chicago Bull in his grievance against the NBA in a hearing before David Stern, the league's commissioner.
  • Greater Chicago Combine and Center, Inc.: An organization of homing/racing pigeon keepers
    In Greater Chicago Combine and Center, Inc. v. City of Chicago, Judge Whiting represented this non-profit organization comprised of racing pigeon keepers that, on behalf of its members, claimed a municipal ordinance prohibiting keeping pigeons in most residential areas violated equal protection and substantive due process.
  • James T. Brewer:Former NBA player, Assistant Coach, and Scout
    Judge Whiting negotiated several of Mr. Brewer’s scouting contracts.


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